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HBA Strava Club Challenges

Join the HBA Strava Club for weekly challenges designed to help encourage riders to get the pedals turning over winter.

Here's how it works:

The weekly challenge will be displayed on the Strava club page and run from Monday to Sunday.

Some other things to note:

  • The aim of the Strava club is to encourage kids to ride more through winter. Whilst some competitiveness is involved, anyone deemed taking things too seriously or clearly cheating will be removed.   

  • You can set a Privacy Zone to exclude areas around your house for example. Alternatively, simply don't start and finish your logged ride from your hosue.

  • This Strava club is intended for kids. Adult supervision may be required and you may wish to use a Strava account managed by an adult. 

  • Note that all of your activities classed as Rides will show up on the club, you may want to create a different account solely for this Strava club.

  • Any ride can count (road or off-road) and time spent on a turbo trainer will also count. If you don't have a record of distance, simply record how long you were on the turbo for and use an average of 10km per hour to get your distance.

  • Rides undertaken by kids accompanied by an adult running/walking can be counted.

  • Remember to follow all Covid rules/regulations and access laws of where you live. It's winter so consider daylight length, weather, ground conditions and carry adequate food, drink, clothing and equipment for your ride.

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