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Update 05/03/21
Physical distancing is no longer required for under 18s. during activity, but is still required before and after. 

Update 13/03/21
Group riding can now resume with up to 6 participants, regardless of age. 

Update 20/02/21
Limited group riding can now resume on a private booking basis only. Riders over 12 can only participate on a 1 to 1 basis, riders under 12 can form a group of up to 4. Physical distancing is required from over 12s at all times.

Update 05/01/20

This one's a pretty easy decision to make. There will be no HBA rides until further notice. Those that had booked for January have been contacted - if I've missed you, I'm sorry, send me a message to let me know.

The latest from Scottish Cycling is that providers can operate with one other household. But whilst you can do something, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Riding bikes is awesome, but not as awesome as kicking this virus out the door, locking it shut and recycling the key into brake pads (I'm not sure if that's even possible, but it'd be cool if it is!).

Additionally, it's winter and the weather has an impact on what activities can safely run - and that's before considering covid.

I do encourage you to keep riding but follow the guidance from Scottish Cycling and be sensible.
For now, stay awesome and I'll see you soon.

Update 26/12/20
We recognise the important mental and physical health benefits of outdoor exercise so are continuing to operate within the Level 4 restrictions. Most public & group rides over the Christmas holidays have been cancelled and every0ne that has booked has been emailed, get in touch if you haven't received it. The main change within Level 4 is that physical distancing must be implemented before, during and after rides. We all know this is a major challenge for kids so the decision was made to cancel most group rides. The slots that have now been freed up from cancelled group rides will be offered as single-household private rides only. Those that had a group booking will get priority of these slots.

Everyone has a responsibility to reduce the possible transmission of Covid-19. Below are some of the measures that have been implemented along with what you need to do when you book and when you arrive for a ride.


  • All activities are run in line with guidance issued by government, British Cycling and Scottish Cycling

  • Group size reduced to 4 participants for most activities

  • Activities will be primarily outdoors

  • Hand sanitiser or hand washing available (you're encouraged to bring your own)

  • Hired kit is cleaned with alcohol spray before and after use

  • Contact details recorded to assist contact tracing

  • Additional PPE carried for emergency situations


What you need to do:


  • Read, understand and agree to the Coronavirus Policy when booking

  • Remain 2 metres from other households when you arrive and leave activities

  • Bring a face covering (unless you normally have an exemption) with you for use where distancing is not possible.

  • Maintain good hand and cough hygiene throughout

  • Be aware that the risk of transmission cannot be completely removed

  • You must not attend any activity if you or anyone in your household are displaying symptoms, have been instructed to self-isolate, have been in close contact with someone who is displaying symptoms or has had a positive test result

  • You should not share transport with those from other households

  • Notify Highland Bike Academy which distance you have told your child to maintain or you would like to maintain

Physical distancing is not required by any participant during activities when in Covid Protection Levels 3 and below, but it is required before and after activities. It is recognised that not everyone will be comfortable with this and we ask that you let us know which distance you'd like you or your child to maintain from other all other households.




  • If government restrictions or NGB advice forces an activity to be cancelled you will be offered a refund, credit note or an alternative date (where available)

  • If you have to cancel because you've developed symptoms, or have been instructed to self isolate, you can choose a refund, credit or alternative date (where available). Please give as much notice as you can

  • If we have to cancel or reschedule because we have developed symptoms or have been instructed to self-isolate, you will be offered a refund, credit or alternative date (where available)

  • Where guidance changes which necessitates a significant change to an activity, but the activity still goes ahead, you'll be contacted and can decide if you're ok to continue with the new plan or receive a refund, credit or alternative date. Examples of significant changes could be a reduction in group size or change of venue.

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