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Three hour rides developing trail skills and Big Days Out

Level 3 ramps up the adventure and adrenaline rush with singletrack trails and downhill descents. Riders will start to master mountain bike specific skills such as manual front wheel lifts as well as how to look after your bike and those around you.
Riders will already be confident riding in the attack position, using gears, braking effectively and have a good range of experience on singletrack trails as well as Green & Blue graded trail centre routes.

Level 4 takes riders on more challenging trails, requiring greater skills and confidence. By the end of Level 4 riders will be confident on small drops and jumps, riding natural singletrack and red graded trail centre routes. They will also have a good understanding of how their bike works and how to keep it in good condition as well as have a set of basic navigation skills. Level 4 riders also have the opportunity to experience night riding.

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