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HBA Live Streams

A look inside a MTB leader's pack
Wed 20/01/2021

In this interactive, super chilled-out and totally unscripted live stream, I'll talk through some of the kit I carry and why. Along the way I'll be sharing tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of the limited carrying capacity in your own pack, as well as the seasonal variations of my kit.

Great for:

  •  Kids who ride with HBA: what you should be taking with you on a ride

  •  Parents taking their kids out: not the kitchen sink but stuff that'll make the ride more enjoyable

  •  Experienced riders (adults & older kids) who want to carry as little as possible

  •  Adventurers riding in remote terrain 

You can also watch and interact via Facebook - just click here!

Video will appear here when live

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